Let’s Talk about IMPACT!

As the first time an astronomy conference of this scale is taking place on the African continent, we wish to leverage the IAU General Assembly in 2024 to make a meaningful, long-lasting and sustainable impact on astronomy outreach and education throughout the continent.  We plan to implement these ambitious goals through various projects that will run in the lead up to, during, and, most importantly after, the IAU GA2024. Furthermore, delegates will be presented with myriad opportunities across the continent, for hands-on contributions to educational initiatives, outreach programs, and community development, cementing the legacy of the assembly beyond academia.

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1. Public engagements

2. Schools Engagements

Throughout the GA, attendees will have the chance to participate in outreach activities, including visiting local schools to deliver talks. These talks will feature engaging presentations, role-modeling sessions, practical demonstrations, and more. Additionally, various school groups will visit the conference venue, as well as local science centers, planetariums, and observatories, for further engagement opportunities. Participants are encouraged to volunteer during these events to contribute to community building and inspire the next generation of astronomers and science enthusiasts.

Efforts are also being made to engage with learners virtually.

Primary School Engagements

Plans are underway to host primary schools at the Cape Town Science Centre and the Iziko Planetarium throughout the two weeks of the GA, offering another avenue for engagement.

Become a Trainer for Our Teacher Training Workshops

Are you passionate about education and eager to share your expertise? Join us as a trainer for our specialized workshops designed for school teachers, with a particular focus on astronomy and space science content. These sessions will cover specific curriculum material related to astronomy and space science, aiming to enhance teachers’ understanding and provide them with the most effective teaching methods. This is your chance to make a significant impact and support fellow educators in elevating their teaching skills. Sign up today to become a trainer and help shape the future of astronomy education!

3. Radio Astro – Online Pop-up Radio Station

Radio Astro – an online pop-up radio station that will leave a lasting legacy in the hearts and minds of some of Cape Town’s most at-risk youth and others listening from vulnerable communities all over the developing world. The one objective is to train aspiring science communicators to broadcast highlights from the GA in an accessible and conversational radio-format, gaining valuable on-the-job training in the process. But Radio Astro will also be the trigger that launches the dreams of the next generation of astronomers and space scientists, who may currently not believe that their dreams are achievable.

4. August – Africa Astro Month

Conference participants can contribute to the Africa Astro Month celebrations in August.

5. #AfricaLookUp Campaign

Get Involved

Amateur Astronomers and Outreach Professionals Database

This is a call to compile a list of Amateur Astronomers across Africa. We are inviting everyone involved in astronomy public outreach in various ways in their home countries to sign up and help make impact, ahead and after the IAU General Assembly in their respective countries.

Call for hosts

We want to offer participants the chance to visit other African countries and various cities in South Africa for science collaborations, education and outreach activities and general networking opportunities, not to mention sharing the beauty of our continent with them. We invite organisations and institutions interested in hosting astronomers, and who are passionate about enhancing scientific literacy, to join us in this meaningful initiative. If you’re interested in becoming a host, kindly complete the expression of interest form. Hosts will be selected by the African Astronomical Society and the GA 2024 National Organising Committee.

How do I get involved or find out more?

If you would like to volunteer to participate in the various engagements targeted at schools, amateur astronomers, students and the general public in Cape Town and surrounding areas and also through virtual engagements, please sign up on the form below. You can also contact the IAU GA2024 Outreach & Education Committee at outreach@astronomy2024.org