Astronomy touches upon so many aspects of our lives, many of which are not necessarily known, like the cultural impact of beautiful astronomical images, the technology derived from astronomical facilities and discoveries, and more. But this is a two-way street. It means Astronomy can benefit from YOU – whatever your contribution.

Astronomy is a quest of the human mind – and every human mind can therefore contribute. Are you a creative, are you an artisan, an academic, a teacher, a carer, or a specialist in surviving unemployment(!)? And are you willing to lend us your mind? Then please sign up below. We would be thrilled to have you on board and see how we can create something together on the occasion of the global astronomy community gathering in Africa in 2024.

Vision 2024 contains some ideas of how you can get involved, but we are eager to innovate, to engage with new people who can bring us fresh perspectives and ideas.

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