As a reminder, the conference will be fully hybrid, and all scientific sessions will be available to both in-person and virtual participants. The conference platform is Oxford Abstracts, the same platform used for abstracts and registrations. An interactive scientific programme will be available on this platform, where you may view the detailed schedule, read the abstracts, contact authors and chat with participants, watch the live streaming, and add comments. In addition, it will include the poster gallery, exhibitions, and list of participants.

Oral presentation speakers

  • you may deliver your talk in-person or online
  • we will request you to submit your presentation file closer to the conference date; an email with more information will be sent in July
  • if you are presenting virtually, you will have the option to record and share your talk in advance in case of time zone differences. We strongly encourage you to send us your recording in advance if you expect internet connectivity issues.

Presentation Guidelines

In-person speakers

  • Presentations should be submitted online via the upload link (to be sent in July)
  • In the case where a presenter is not able to do so, they can upload their presentation 24 hours before presenting at the registration desk (Speakers Prep counter)
  • Technicians are not able to load presentations in the session rooms

Virtual speakers

  • Presentations should be submitted online via the upload link (to be sent in July)
  • Virtual presenters are strongly encouraged to pre-record their presentation in advance and send the video via the upload link
  • When presenting live, virtual speakers should share their presentation file via Zoom
  • If there are internet connectivity issues, the virtual speaker can switch off video and the conference technical team in Cape Town will share the uploaded presentation
  • In case of severe connectivity issues, the conference technical team will play the recording of the presentation sent in advance

Presentation Requirements

  • We only accept PPT (PowerPoint) and PDF format presentations
    • We cannot accept Keynote presentations
  • Presentations to be in 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Videos should be embedded in the presentation
  • No embedded links to website, etc. will be facilitated
    • Should you need to make reference to a website, etc. please embed a screen shot of the web page or download the relevant video and then embed it into your presentation
  • If you wish to use the GA logos or presentation template, download them from

Poster authors

  • you may present your poster in-person or online
  • all posters at the IAU GA 2024 will be digital; no printed posters will be included
  • prepare and submit your poster by July 25 as described below
  • your poster file should be a 1 page PDF, A1 size, landscape format (we will be using 40 inch screens)
  • Submit your poster
    • go to your dashboard
    • under “Poster submission” section, click the EDIT button
    • the following fields on the form are read-only and cannot be edited: abstract title, abstract text, authors and affiliations
    • fill in the Keywords for your poster
    • upload the poster PDF file and submit the form
    • you may change and update your poster until the deadline

Deadline to submit poster: July 25

How the poster sessions will work

We aim to create a truly hybrid poster experience. Each screen at the physical venue will display an A1 landscape poster in front of which the poster author can stand and meet people as they browse the posters in the traditional way. The significant difference, however, will be that each screen will also be a Zoom room with a camera and microphone. In this way, online participants can view the posters online and interact with the in-person poster author via zoom. In the case of virtual poster authors, the in person participants will browse their posters at the venue and engage with them via zoom rooms running on the digital poster screens. And similarly, virtual poster authors will engage virtual participants through zoom.

We plan to use smart TVs as poster screens, each equipped with a raspberry pi, basic webcam, mouse and keyboard. After the conference, in collaboration with the South African department of education and department of science and innovation, these 100 poster setups (smart TV, raspberry pis and peripherals) will all be donated to 100 different schools in need, along with a flash drive full of electronic educational material which participants would be welcome to contribute to.

As a poster author, here is how the E-posters will work.

1. Submit your poster PDF (A1 landscape) as described above

2. If you will be attending in-person, you will be allotted a date-time and physical screen number. At your scheduled time, you may proceed to your allotted poster screen which will have the zoom running for virtual participants to interact with you.

3. If you will be attending virtually, you will be allotted a date-time and zoom breakout room. At your scheduled time, you may proceed to your allotted zoom breakout room to interact with both in-person and virtual participants.

4. We will publish the list of posters and corresponding screen numbers as well as zoom breakout rooms.

5. Finally, all posters will be available in the Poster Gallery on the online conference platform for the full duration of the conference. More information at