Join us for an enriching experience of learner engagements at the International Astronomy Union General Assembly 2024 (IAU GA 2024). Throughout the GA, attendees will have the unique opportunity to actively participate in outreach activities aimed at engaging with school learners.

Our learner engagement initiative encompasses a diverse range of activities, including visiting local schools to deliver talks that inspire and educate. These talks will feature engaging presentations, role-modeling sessions, practical demonstrations, and more, all designed to spark curiosity and foster a deeper appreciation for astronomy and science.

In addition to school visits, various school groups will have the chance to visit the conference venue, as well as local science centers, planetariums, and observatories, where they will be immersed in further engagement opportunities.

We encourage all participants to volunteer during these events, as your involvement plays a crucial role in community building and inspiring the next generation of astronomers and science enthusiasts. Don’t miss this chance to make a meaningful impact and be part of an unforgettable experience at the IAU GA 2024!