IAU GA 2024 Cape Town Accommodation Recommendations

Disclaimer:  The suggested accommodation is to be booked at the delegate’s own risk as bookings are not made through the official housing agent.  The prices listed are for reference purposes only and may not reflect the actual price shown at time of booking, ie. prices listed should only be used as an estimation of the potential costs and should not be construed as exact pricing.


Name Suburb Distance from CTICC (km) Nearest MyCiTi

bus stop

Estimated price per room per night in August Link
HOTEL SKY Foreshore / City Centre 0.2 Convention Centre From ZAR 1365 (EUR 68) Hotel Sky
ONYX Apartment Hotel City Centre 0.4 Convention Centre From ZAR 2214 (EUR 110) | ONYX
WINK Foreshore Aparthotel Foreshore / City Centre 0.5 Convention Centre or Foreshore From ZAR 1055 (EUR 51) | WINK Foreshore
Icon Luxury Apartments City Centre 0.5 Riebeeck From ZAR 1515 (EUR 76) | Icon
Hollow on the Square City Centre 0.7 Adderley From ZAR 1398 (EUR 70) | Hollow on the Square
Urban Elephant 16 on Bree City Centre 0.7 Riebeeck From ZAR 1317 (EUR 66) Booking. com | Urban Elephant
BlackBrick Cape Town City Centre 0.8 Adderley From ZAR 1320 (EUR 66) | Blackbrick
Neighbourgood Old Cape Quarter De Waterkant 1.1 Alfred From ZAR 1173 (EUR 58) Neighbourgood Old Cape Quarter
91 Loop Boutique Hostel City Centre 1.1 Church or Longmarket From ZAR 241 (EUR 12) | 91 Loop
Kaya Stay De Waterkant 1.2 Alfred From ZAR 891 (EUR 44) | Kaya Stay
Old Foundry Hotel De Waterkant 1.3 Gallows Hill or Alfred From ZAR 1536 (EUR 77) | Old Foundry
Neighbourgood Cape Quarter De Waterkant 1.3 Alfred From ZAR 1232 (EUR 62) Neighbourgood Cape Quarter Living
Neighbourgood Cape Quarter Napier De Waterkant 1.3 Old Fire Station or Strand or Alfred From ZAR 1890 (EUR 94) Neighbourgood Cape Quarter Napier
Xenia Aparthotel De Waterkant 1.3 Alfred or Amsterdam From ZAR 1229 (EUR 61) | Xenia Aparthotel
The Rockefeller Hotel City Centre 1.4 Civic Centre From ZAR 1314 (EUR 66) | Rockefeller
Home Suite Hotels De Waterkant De Waterkant 1.4 Gallows Hill or Alfred From ZAR 1652 (EUR 82) | Home Suite Hotels De Waterkant
Neighbourgood 113 Loop City Centre 1.4 Church From ZAR 1400 (EUR 70) Neighbourgood 113 Loop
De Waterkant House De Waterkant 1.4 Alfred or Old Fire Station From ZAR 1603 (EUR 80) | De Waterkant House
The Tokyo Aparthotel City Centre 1.5 Strand From ZAR 976 (EUR 49) | The Tokyo
Neighbourgood Reserve City Centre 1.5 Groote Kerk From ZAR 902 (EUR 45) Neighbourgood Reserve
Point Break Aparthotel Green Point 1.5 Gallows Hill From ZAR 1607 (EUR 80) | Point Break
Cape Town Lodge Hotel City Centre 1.5 Dorp or Riebeeck From ZAR 1590 (EUR 79) Cape Town Lodge
Cape Town Diamond Hotel City Centre 1.5 Groote Kerk From ZAR 1184 (EUR 59) | Cape Diamond
Long Street Boutique Hotel City Centre 1.6 Upper Long From ZAR 799 (EUR 40) Long Street Boutique Hotel
Sugar Hotel Green Point 1.7 Gallows Hill From ZAR 2004 (EUR 100) | Sugar Hotel
Pepperclub City Centre 1.8 Leeuwen From ZAR 1675 (EUR 84) | Pepperclub Hotel
Old Bank Hotel City Centre 1.8 Groote Kerk From ZAR 1539 (EUR 77) | Old Bank Hotel
Cape Royale Luxury Suites Green Point 1.9 Upper Portswood or Stadium From ZAR 1339 (EUR 67) | Cape Royale Apartment
Habitat Aparthotel City Centre 2.0 Darling From ZAR 613 (EUR 31) | Habitat Aparthotel
Neighbourgood East City City Centre 2.1 Darling or Groote Kerk From ZAR 1080 (EUR 54) Neighbourgood East City
Forty-on-L City Centre 2.1 Upper Loop From ZAR 1832 (EUR 91) | For ty on L
Neighbourgood 84 Harrington District Six 2.2 Roeland or The Castle From ZAR 1305 (EUR 65) Neighbourgood 84 Harrington
Never @ Home Hostel Green Point Green Point 2.2 Wigtown or Stadium or Skye Way From ZAR 357 (EUR 18) Never @ Home Green Point
Cape Town Hollow Boutique Hotel City Centre 2.2 Upper Long or Michaelis From ZAR 1274 (EUR 64) | Hollow
The Cape Milner Tamboerskloof 2.4 Lower Kloof or Michaelis From ZAR 1615 (EUR 81) | Cape Milner
Kloof Street Hotel Gardens 2.6 Lower Kloof or Michaelis From ZAR 1257 (EUR 63) | Kloof Street Hotel
ANEW Hotel Green Point 2.7 Hill or Ravenscraig From ZAR 1239 (EUR 62) | ANEW
CURIOCITY Green Point Green Point 2.8 Wigtown From ZAR 426 (EUR 22) | CURIOCITY
Neighbourgood Ravenscraig Green Point 2.8 Ravenscraig or Hill From ZAR 1150 (EUR 55) Neighbourgood Ravenscraig
Signal Hill Lodge Bo-Kaap 2.8 Upper Loop From ZAR 790 (EUR 39) | Signal Hill Lodge
Neighbourgood Hill Green Point 3.0 Hill or Ravenscraig From ZAR 1050 (EUR 52) Neighbourgood Hill
Neighbourgood Romney Green Point 3.1 Hill or Ravenscraig From ZAR 1060 (EUR 53) Neighbourgood Romney
Villa on Ocean View Fresnaye 3.4 Rhine or Sea Point High From ZAR 1430 (EUR 71) | Villa on Ocean View
Three Boutique Hotel Oranjezicht 3.4 De Waal Park or Upper Buitenkant From ZAR 1316 (EUR 66) | Three Boutique Hotel
One Above Vredehoek 3.7 Highlands or Upper Orange From ZAR 1300 (EUR 65) | One Above
La Splendida Hotel Mouille Point 3.9 Lighthouse From ZAR 1280 (EUR 64) | La Splendida
MoTown by Mojo Sea Point/Fresnaye 4.7 Irwinton or Arthurs From ZAR 419 (EUR 21) | MoTown
Pineapple House Boutique Hotel Sea Point/Fresnaye 4.7 Irwinton or Arthurs From ZAR 1995 (EUR 99) Pineapple House
Home Suite Hotels Station House Sea Point/Fresnaye 4.7 Arhurs or Irwinton From ZAR 1765 (EUR 88) | Station House
Riviera Suites Sea Point 5.0 Sea Point Pool or Arthurs From ZAR 1515 (EUR 76) | Riviera Suites Sea Point
Mojo Hotel Sea Point 5.0 Clarens or Sea Point Pool or Kei Apple From ZAR 830 (EUR 41) Mojo Hotel
Atlantic Affair Boutique Hotel Sea Point 5.3 Clarens or Fresnaye From ZAR 1352 (EUR 67) | Atlantic Affair Boutique Hotel
Casa on Quendon Sea Point 5.6 Cassel or Disandt From ZAR 1331 (EUR 66) | Casa on Quendon
Amalfi Boutique Hotel Sea Point 5.7 Kei Apple or Cassel From ZAR 794 (EUR 40) | Amalfi
The Bantry Bay Aparthotel Bantry Bay 5.9 Tramway or Queens Beach From ZAR 1045 (EUR 52) | Bantry Bay Aparthotel
Latitude Aparthotel Sea Point 6.0 Tramway or Queens Beach From ZAR 2220 (EUR 111) | Latitude Aparthotel
President Hotel Bantry Bay 6.2 Koosani or Queens Beach From ZAR 1755 (EUR 87) | President
Green Elephant Backpackers Observatory 6.3 N/A From ZAR 235 (EUR 12) Green Elephant
Casa on Bantry Bantry Bay 6.3 Koosani or Brevity Lane or Queens Beach From ZAR 1296 (EUR 65) | Casa on Bantry
Neighbourgood 1st Crescent Camps Bay 8.2 Houghton or Lower Camps Bay or Whale Rock From ZAR 1000 (EUR 50) Neighbourgood 1st Crescent
Neighbourgood Newlands Newlands 10.9 N/A From ZAR 1244 (EUR 62) Neighbourgood Newlands
23 Grace Claremont 12.9 N/A From ZAR 1150 (EUR 57) | 23 Grace

Note to recommendations:

  • A room can host multiple people (either twin room, or bunk-bed setting). Ideal for those travelling together.
  • Neighbourgood / Aparthotels: modern, self-catering, often lower prices than normal hotels or guest houses, built for the “digital nomad” lifestyle so it is well equipped with fast internet and ample work spaces.  Often offers discounts for > 1 week stays.
  • Highly recommend anything from the City Centre to the Atlantic Seaboard (Green Point, Mouille Point, Sea Point, Fresnaye, Bantry Bay, etc.) as it is well connected with the MyCiti bus routes, there are loads to see and do in these areas and they are generally safe and “walkable” neighbourhoods. Staying this side of the city also avoids the traffic on Nelson Mandela Blvd coming to the CTICC in the mornings.
  • If there is a group of delegates who are travelling from the same institution, a shared house (eg. Atlantic Cove on Irwinton Road in Sea Point/Fresnaye) is a good cost-effective option.
  • Airbnb offers good options as well.