Global Coordination of Ground and Space Astrophysics:

Co-Chairs:  Roger Davies and Rachel Somerville

Programme for IAU General Assembly 13-14 August 2024

Tuesday, August 13: WG1-1 10:30-12:00

Future space missions

Chair: Richard Green 

NASA programme: Mark Clampin, Astrophysics Division Director, NASA HQ (15min)

ESA programme: Nora Lützgendorf, Coordinator ESA ‘Astronomy Working Group’ (15min)

ISAS/JAXA programme: Noriko Yamasaki, Director of Astrophysics, ISAS/JAXA (15min)

NAOC Xuntian Mission: Hu Zhan, Chinese Academy of Sciences & Xuntian PI,(10 min)

ISRO lunar astronomy program:  TBD (10min) 

Discussion (25 min) 

Tuesday, August 13: WG1-2 13:30-15:00 

Future ground-based facilities 

Chair: Roger Davies/Matthew Colless

Optical/IR extremely large telescopes

US-ELT programme – Pat McCarthy, Director NOIRLab (15 min)

ESO ELT – Bruno Leibundgut, Director of Science, ESO (15 min)

Discussion (15 min)

Future Radio Telescopes

Square Kilometre Array Observatory – Philip Diamond, Director General SKAO (15 min)

ngVLA project – Tony Beasley, Director of NRAO (15 min)

Discussion (15 min)

Tuesday, August 13: WG1-3 15:30-17:00 

Future far IR and millimetre facilities 

Chair Ewine van Dishoeck

This session will be based on the outcome of the Kavli Workshop held at Caltech March 26-28th 2024.

Introduction and overview: Ewine van Dishoeck (NL)  (15 min)

Science topics:

(1) High-redshift universe: Itziar Aretxaga 8+2 min

(2) Nearby galaxies: Eva Schinnerer 8+2 min

(3) Variability: Lynn Hillenbrand 8+2 min

(4) Star formation: James Chibueze 8+2 min

(5) Planet-forming disks: speaker TBD 8+2 min

Discussion (25 min) 

Recap recommendations from Kavli-IAU workshop (2 min)

Wednesday August 14: WG1-4 10:30-12:00 

Co-ordination of transient follow-up

Chair: Samaya Nissanke/Varun Bhalerao

This session will focus on O4 follow-up and planning for Rubin operations.

The programme is under construction.