Webinar about the image of the black hole at the centre of the Milky Way

The African Astronomical Society is organising a public webinar on the recently released image of the black hole in the centre of our Galaxy by the Event Horizon Telescope. This epochal image was everywhere in the media and all of us would like to know more about it, and what it represents. This webinar on the black hole image is being organised by the African Astronomical Society and the Department of Science & Innovation, South Africa. The poster is attached to this email and we request you to forward this to your colleagues and friends. The pdf has the links embedded. 

What: “The First Image of the Black Hole at our Galactic Centre”
When: 3 June 2022, Friday; 1400 CAT (1200 UTC)
Zoom registration link:https://bit.ly/3wWPRuO
YouTube livehttps://bit.ly/3NMoN6P

You will need to pre-register for a personal zoom link (see above). You can also see the webinar live on youtube (see link above) instead.
The astrophysicists who will speak at the webinar are

  • Michael Backes (UNAM, Namibia)
  • Roger Deane (Wits & UP, SA)
  • Iniyan Natarajan (Wits, SARAO, Rhodes, SA)
  • Jeandrew Brink (UFS, SA)