Inaugural Annual Conference of the African Astronomical Society

The meeting will focus on the science coming out of Astronomy in Africa and cultivating collaboration among countries in Africa as well as collaborations between Africa and the rest of the world, invoking the objectives and the science strategy developed at the science business meeting . The conference will also look at attracting and retaining youth in astronomy and strengthening the teaching of astronomy and related sciences. 


  • Share astronomy research from across Africa and the Diaspora, promote scientific feedback and  research collaborative discussions.
  • Showcase recent Astronomy development and research output from African countries and the African Diaspora.
  • Provide a platform for discussions on current scientific discoveries, questions and opportunities.
  • Bring together participants in the African Astronomy community so that they can be better organised for astronomy development on and scientific output from the continent.
  • Begin forward discussions and working on the roll-out and implementation of the AfAS Science Strategy.
  • Help define specific concerns and how they contribute to the overall framework for the discussions on how to implement the AfAS Science Strategy.

Expected Outcomes

  • Scientific knowledge exchange, feedback, opportunity and celebration
  • Awareness of activities in Africa both by Africans and potential international collaborators
  • Inspire young African researchers to take ownership and drive the development of astronomy in Africa
  • Identification of strategic partnerships for the implementation of the AfAS Science Strategy
  • Development of new partnerships in the fields of astronomy and big data research in Africa and internationally.

Participants and Registration

The Conference aims to bring together at least 200 participants virtually from various institutions and networks conducting research in the field of astronomy primarily on the African continent. It will be a digital event hosted by AfAS from South Africa. The conference also aims to attract potential industry partners, representatives of Government, policymakers, Inter-governmental, and other international partners from across Africa and the Diaspora. Presenters from the postponed 2020 meeting will be given the opportunity to present their talks and will be contacted by the Local Organizing `Committee to confirm their acceptance., the LOC will also seek additional speakers. 


08 – 12 March 2021, with each day being no longer than 5-6 hours.

More information and conference website