Division J: Galaxies and Cosmology

Division J: Galaxies & Cosmology

Description: Division J focuses on the physics of the Universe and galaxies beyond our Milky Way using theory, simulations, and panchromatic observations. Div J connects across many of the other Divisions and has a strong overlap with Div B, Div D, Div G and Div H.

Division Days: 9 (Friday) & 12 (Monday) August 2024

Scientific Organising Committee (Div J Steering Committee):

Cristina Carmen Popescu (co-chair, UK)
Denis Burgarella (France)
Gustavo Bruzual (México)
Barbara Catinella (Australia)
Christine Jones (USA)
Johan Knapen (Spain)
Nikolaos Kylafis (Greece)
Lucia Marchetti (co-chair, South Africa)
Céline Peroux (Germany)
Vy Tran (co-chair, USA)
Laurence Tresse (France)
Aida Wofford (México)

Scientific Rationale:

As the first General Assembly takes place in Africa, Division J aims to showcase the links between the African multi-wavelength astronomy community and the global network of current and future observatories. The Division Days program will encourage dialogue and cooperation between African astronomers and their international peers, with a focus on these topics:

• How multi-wavelength observations reveal the physical processes that shape galaxies and the multi-phase medium throughout cosmic history.

• The latest results and prospects from all-sky surveys with missions such as EUCLID, Vera Rubin, and Roman.

• The scientific frontiers in Infrared/Submillimeter astronomy beyond JWST and ALMA.

The Division J Days will feature both invited and contributed talks, as well as opportunities for discussion. We thus welcome abstract submissions from the broad Division J Community.

You can learn more about the work of this Division at this website https://iau.org/science/scientific_bodies/divisions/J/