Division H: Interstellar Matter and Local Universe

SOC: Division SC and the Presidents of Commissions

  • Monica Rubio (President)
  • Claus Leitherer (Vice-President)
  • Albert Zijlstra (Secretary)
  • Paola Caselli (Commission H2 President)
  • Francesca D’Antona (Commission H4 President)
  • Orsola De Marco (Commission H3 President)
  • Gražina Tautvaisiene (Commission H1 President)
  • Leonardo Testi (Advisor – Past President)
  • Yuri Aikawa
  • Pauline Barmby
  • Edvige Corbelli
  • Roelof S. de Jong
  • Laszlo Viktor Toth

Scientific rationale:

The purpose of this meeting is to provide a summary of the most recent and relevant results for a broad range of topics of our Division. Researchers can present their new findings through this two-day workshop in the form of an oral or poster presentation. Presenters should register and submit their oral and poster abstracts selecting “Division H: Interstellar Matter and Local Universe”.

Topics for Day 1:

  • From simple molecules to the most complex compounds of the ISM
  • The earliest phases of star formation
  • Linking the smallest to the large scale: star formation in the MW and nearby galaxies
  • Dust in the ISM and its role in the formation of planetary systems
  • Dynamics of galaxies and their satellites in the Local Group
  • Feedback, streams and the circumgalactic medium of local galaxies

Topics for Day 2:

  • The latest view of our Milky Way and its center
  • Multiple stellar population and their dynamics in Open and Globular Clusters
  • Stellar fossils in the Milky Way and in nearby dwarfs
  • Imprints of evolved stars in the ISM: PNe and AGBs
  • Latest results from space missions
  • The MeerKat contribution to understanding the ISM in and around galaxies
  • The future impact of new instrumentation

A special oral session will be devoted to invited talks by PhD Prize and Honorable Mention winners awarded in 2023 and 2024. These invited talks will be followed by our Division H business meeting.