Division A: Fundamental Astronomy


Rationale: The purpose of this meeting is to provide a summary of the most recent and relevant results for our Division. In addition to presentations of PhD prizes and general contributions, some sessions will give focus on specific topics, and for Commissions and WGs meetings.
Researchers can present their recent results and work through this two days in the form of an oral or poster presentation.

SOC: D. Hestroffer (DP, France), B.A. Steves (DVP, United Kingdom), N. Zacharias (Advisor, United States), F. Bernardi (Italy), C. Efthymiopoulos(Greece), C.S. Jacobs (United States), Z.M. Malkin (Russian Federation), S.G. Stewart (United States), M. Assafin (Brazil), A.G.A. Brown (Netherlands), A.J. Maciejewski (Poland), E. Pilat-Lohinger (Austria), V. Sidorenko (Russian Federation).

Meeting website and programme: https://www.iau.org/science/scientific_bodies/divisions/A/meeting2024/

You can learn more about this Division at https://iau.org/science/scientific_bodies/divisions/A/