1. Create account: Follow the abstract submission link to the Oxford Abstracts platform. If you have an existing account on the platform, please sign in. Otherwise, create an account.
  2. Email Verification: You will receive a verification link by email. Follow the link to complete verification. Once verified, you will be redirected to the abstract submission page.
  3. Fill in the abstract form: Complete all required fields in the abstract submission form

  4. Apply for a grant: If you want to submit a grant application, respond YES to the question “Do you want to submit a grant application?*” and answer the additional questions displayed.
  5. Check submission: If any required fields are not complete, a warning will pop-up. If you still go ahead and submit, you will receive an email that your submission is incomplete. In this case, your application is saved but not submitted
  6. Once all the required fields are filled, click Submit
  7. Dashboard view: You will be redirected to your dashboard which lists all the abstracts submitted and the option to edit any of the submitted abstracts or submit a new abstract until the abstract deadline of 1st March 2024.