30 June – Day of Africa’s Scientific Renaissance

African science has a long history – just like the Calcium Copper Silicate also known as Egyptian Blue that was used as a blue pigment, discovered and chemically synthesised by ancient Egyptians from about 4600 years ago. That blue pigment was used, among other things, to give colour to the ancient goddess Nut, who represented the celestial dome.

Today, Egyptian Blue (CaCuSi4O10) is a well researched nanomaterial used for its infra-red reflective properties in advanced technologies. Today, African Science develops new technologies to study our celestial home and far beyond.

Join us in celebrating African Scientific Renaissance Day on June 30h. We want to use the Moon to bring all of us Africans together. In collaboration with the African Astronomical Society, we invite you to share your stories and songs about the Moon. 

How to take part:

We invite you to create a 2-3 minute video on your phones of your stories and songs, either as a selfie or of someone you know telling it. Send them to us through

WhatsApp: +27 (0)82 403 0908 
Email: outreach@afasociety.org 

Image: Burial chamber in tomb of Ramses V_VI in Valley of the Kings West Bank Luxor Egypt. Credit: Tim Adams