South African astronomical community, acting on behalf of astronomy stakeholders across the African continent, in collaboration with the Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf), and with strong support from the South African Government, invited the International Astronomical Union to Africa, to hold the XXXII IAU General Assembly in Cape Town, South Africa, in August 2024.

We are proud to announce that the decision was made on 30 August 2018, that Cape Town will indeed host the XXXII IAU General Assembly in 2024.

Elated astronomers celebrate a successful bid in Vienna.

It’s time for Africa!

CELEBRATE Africa is leading major astronomy projects; be inspired by the results from SALT, HESS, MeerKAT and the dawn of the SKA era!

CONTRIBUTE Be part of the movement that will encourage further growth and investment in astronomy on the African continent!

CREATE An enduring legacy and vibrant community of astronomers in Africa linked to the IAU.  

Cape Town to host the 2024 General Assembly on the African continent for the first time!

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